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Removal of Honey Bees From a House

Honey Bees are in short supply, but this does not mean that you can’t use a pesticide to be rid of them. A swarm of Memphis bees will separate in half and move to a new location, outside of the home. They will generally find a tree to start their new nest. The new nest will be close to the already established nest. The scouts will then find a suitable location, which very well can be back in the Tennessee house. Bees will nest in the attic or wall quite a distance from where the opening is.

There is only one pesticide that is registered for the elimination of bees in your home. Carbaryl (sevin) 5% dust is the registered product. In order to avoid continual applications the dust must be applied properly the first time. Should you use in the entrance where they are getting in, Sevin may not reach the nest. Which is a distance from the entrance. It may affect the foraging Memphis bees that are going by and kill them, but will not affect the queen and house bees. Since the house bees take care of the brood you are guaranteed additional Tennessee bees.

The best measure for removing honey bees is by dusting the nest. This requires finding out exactly where the nest is. You can do this by using a hammer on the wall and listening with a glass to the wall for the most sound. A hole may then be bored once the nest is found and the dusting can be accomplished this way. If you find that the Memphis colony is established there are larger swarms, more honey and more comb. These colonies are best killed in the winter or early spring. Generally February and March, the reason is that the Tennessee bees will be at its weakest and the honey and combs will be at the lowest level.

Bees do respond to weather sunny days they are peaceful and mellow, cloudy and overcast days they are more aggressive. Another way of getting rid of Memphis bees in your home is through a beekeeper. Because you can find bees in your attic, house and cellar it is best to call a beekeeper immediately. Once the nest is removed the beekeeper keep them alive and will then place the bees in a beehive that he has. The best way to find a Tennessee beekeeper would be through the Humane Society.

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