I'm sorry, we no longer list example prices here, because every job is very different. Your best option is to call us at 901-300-2946 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

1. Is something becoming a pest for you? A squirrel or colony of bats in the attic? The whiff of a dead creature coming from somewhere deep in your home? Why not give us a call - our speciality is getting rid of the unwanted guests in your home. Our licensed and fully insured technicians are working in your area, and can offer same-day / next-day appointments to suit you. We can also offer telephone advice 24/7, and we’ve been proven to have the safest, quickest, most effective and most humane service in the area. Our customers have voted as number one for 3 years running. We use the highest quality tools, exclusion methods, and live cage traps, and the RIGHT techniques, to get rid of the despised new tenants. We also have a particular speciality for building repairs and home maintenance to a very professional standard, and all for the right price too. If you get in touch for a ballpark figure over the phone, or a written quote, you’ll see our prices are one of the most competitive in the area, but that doesn’t mean we substitute on service.