Memphis Wildlife and Animal Removal

Stray Cats in the Attic

When addressing the problem of stray Memphis cats, keep in mind that the law looks out for them. The only way to get rid of a stray in your atticlegallyis to capture it humanely and turn it in to an animal shelter. There are estimated 60 million pet cats in the U.S. and as many as 100 million strays. Strays live just about any place where they can find shelter and where females can bear and rear their young in safety. Unspayed females can produce two litters a year, so Tennessee cat colonies expand rapidly.

Attics are ideal for stray cats’ purposes so if you start hearing rustling and mewling sounds coming from that direction, chances are you’ve been occupied. Andonce Memphis cats have turned your attic into a haven they’re not about to leave voluntarily, so action is called for. What can you do? You can trap them yourself or call in a Tennessee professional.

It’s not complicated: you identify where the stray abides, figure out how and where it entered the attic, and buy or borrow a cage trap. Place the trap near the Memphis cat’s nesting place and bait it with a small amount of stinky canned or dry cat food in the back of the trap. Leave for a while and when the opportunistic, always hungrycat enters the cage to dine, the trap door closes and you have but to haul the invader off to the Tennessee shelter.It’s important that the trap be set up properly, because cats learn to avoid danger and if the trap fails the first time, there may not be a second chance.

But there are a few things you still need to do. One is to make sure that there are no additional members of the feline family in the attic. If you’ve caught a female, she may have a litter and if so, you need to gather the babies, put them in a basket and take them to the shelter as well. Then, you need to clean up the area, because the scent of nesting Memphis cats lingers, potentially enticing others to attempt a reoccupation. And find out how the cat got into your attic in the first place. If there’s a hole of some kind or perhaps an opening under the eaves, close it. And while you’re at it, do a surveyto see if you can spot any other points of entry. If there are and if you don’t address them, you’ve still got a problem.

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