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Types of Gopher Repellents

If you have a Memphis gopher problem you have probably been looking for a way to get rid of them. The market is full of different types of repellents, but do they work? Here are some of the more popular ways to rid your property of Tennessee gophers, and what consumers and experts say about them.

Solar powered vibrating stakes- There are many different types and brands on the market and they all work on the premise that the constant vibrations cause sound will annoy the Memphis gophers into moving out and staying away. Users say it seems effective when used in hard soil. The vibrations don’t travel well through soft or loamy soil.

Mole chaser- this is basically a windmill on a long stake pounded deep in the ground. The turning windmill creates underground vibrations and noise that run the Tennessee gophers off. Users claim it is effective in confines areas, so for a large problem you need to use more than one.

Castor oil pellets- you drop these in the tunnels and you can wet them or just allow rain and natural moisture to do the job. Castor oil does not harm the gopher, but they can’t stand the smell and move away. Many professional gardeners claim these work pretty well, and are inexpensive and easy to use.

Commercial repellent granules- there are lots of different brands on the market today. Most are effective, but you should read the labels very carefully. Many of these products are toxic to people and pets. Some can even poison the ground, your vegetable garden, or water table as well.

Gopher Spurge or "Euphorbia Lathyris – this is a bedding plant that is particularly offensive to gophers. Planting this as garden borders and in other strategic locations is supposed to ward off Memphis gophers and other burrowing Tennessee rodents. It has been effective in confined areas.

Predator Scents- Urine of coyote, foxes, and other predatory animals can be sprinkled around areas where Memphis gophers feed to frighten them off. Some professionals say you can also use the waste from your own dog to do the same. This method seems to deter the creatures, but must be reapplied often.

Other preemptive methods to keep Memphis gophers away include underground mesh fencing, and leaving your landscape free of plants that would be a desirable food source to these vermin.

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