Will a Rat Chew Through the Ceiling?

It’s been a long day and you are exhausted! Between job, kids, dinner and homework, they only thing you want is your pillow. You turn off the light, lay back on that pillow and close your eyes. Even as you breathe your sigh of relieve, you hear it. Scratch, shuffle, scratch and it sounds like it coming from above you! Your eyes pop open and you hear begins pound. No, this is not a horror movie. This is real life.

The that sound it is the sound of Memphis rats. Still seems like a horror movie, doesn’t it? Once you realize what it is, Your first you thought is “Is it going to jump on me?” The r at would have to chew through your ceiling and, the truth is - they can. Pleasant thought, isn’t it. If your ceiling is plywood, it would be a rare occurrence. The Tennessee rats chewing through the ceiling usually are chewing through the drywall in a drop-down ceiling. I drop-down ceiling is one in which you have to walk on the support beams in the attic so you don’t fall through. The bottom is only drywall.

The scratching you hear is most likely the Memphis rat chewing. And what they are chewing on could be a very important piece of your house. Rodents have teeth that grow as fast as our fingernails. To keep them healthy and at the correct size, the have to chew. Chewing is something programmed into their DNA. It allows them to eat, create nests and cut through your electrical wiring.

Having Memphis rats, or mice, in your ceiling, walls or attic is a very serious problem that MUST be taken care of. Yes, I did put must in capital letters and I did it for a reason. Rat, mic and other rodents carry dangerous diseases, such as hantavirus and bubonic plague. When they urinate, pheromones are left behind to attract other Tennessee rodents. If the problem is not solved immediately, you could find yourself with a nasty infestation. You can try home remedies like cotton balls with peppermint oil (not extract) at various places in the attic. Rats don’t like the smell. It is also a time consuming task, as you have to put more oil on each cotton ball once a month. A Tennessee professional will save you time, not to mention the cost of future repairs.

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