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What are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Skunk?

Skunks are very famous for their odor of the spray they produce to ward off any danger. As much as this odor is unpleasant, it is better that their inability to transmit a dangerous diseaselike rabies. After raccoons, skunks are the second leading rabies carriers among other mammals. This leads us to the big question, “What are some of the symptoms of a sick Memphis skunk?” The following are some of the symptoms to look when you suspect that the skunk might be suffering from any disease and mostly rabies.

Losing its fear of people and exhibiting aggressiveness: When it loses the fear, a Memphis skunk will have an obvious aggressive tendency toward people as well as other animals. A healthy Tennessee skunk is fearful and will not allow you to approach it and always runs for its safety.

It is seen walking during the day: Memphis skunks is a nocturnal creature and is therefore not easily seen during the day. The ones seen during day aremore likely to be sick. A Tennessee skunk looks for food during the night and retires to its den during the day. Seeing a skunk during the day is considered unnatural and caution should be taken since it might be suffering from rabies.

It loses the movement control: It is recommended to look for signs of ataxia in a Memphis skunk in order to help in determining if it has rabies. Ataxia is a medical term which means that the skunk has lost control of its voluntary movements. This includes walking inabilityand lack of coordination. It is also advisable to watch for its excessive drooling of saliva which means that the chewing muscles and the throat are undergoing paralysis as a result of the rabies virus.

It exhibits odd behaviors: A Memphis skunk might exhibit some odd behaviors such as swallowing things like sticks and stones. This symptom is dangerous and might mean that the Tennessee skunk has some rabies in progresses.

• A Memphis skunk might show some signs, such as wobbly or appearing excessively drunk, circling, looking partially paralyzed, mutilating and acting disorientated. Most of these signs can also be indicative of other diseases like distemper or lead poisoning.

The above signs and symptoms should be addressed immediately they are noticed. A sick Memphis skunk is dangerous especially if it exhibits aggressiveness towards people. In case it bites somebody, the contaminated saliva might transmit rabies, a viral disease that is fatal.

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