Do All Squirrels Have Rabies?

People living in places surrounded by trees will most likely encounter Memphis squirrels. However, these little Tennessee animals do live on the ground as well. Although squirrels may seem nice and cute, many wonder if all of them carry rabies.

The short answer to the question “Do all Memphis squirrels carry rabies?” is no. Squirrels do not generally carry rabies. However, if we want to discuss the possibility of these animals getting rabies, then this would be a whole different story. Although they do not carry rabies, squirrels can get it. However, the chance of contracting it is pretty insignificant’ it can go from slim to none. In order for some Tennessee squirrels to get rabies, then it will have to be around animals which are common carries.

To understand better, we have to know that Memphis squirrels are a type of animals which are quick. A squirrel is quick at evasion and it has a 180 degree vision. As we said above, in order for a squirrel to get rabies, it will have to hang around other animals which carry the disease. However, many of the animals which usually carry rabies are a squirrel’s arch enemy. Thus, squirrels generally avoid these animals. Moreover, since squirrels are quick, they will evade a rabid Tennessee animal and will not be bitten. In addition, if such an animal got a hold of a squirrel, then it will most likely kill it instead of biting it and transmitting the disease.

Although when people get bitten by a Memphis squirrel they have to come in to the Emergency Room, a rabies vaccine protocol is not triggered. So, if someone got bitten by a squirrel, he or she will not have to be vaccinated for rabies. Furthermore, a bite by a squirrel will rarely get infected. The bite will heal, although it may get sore a bit. It would always be wise to visit the Emergency Room in such case, but there will be no need for panic in case of a squirrel bite. In addition, there are probably no vaccinations needed for Tennessee squirrels.

In short, squirrels do not usually carry rabies, however, they can get it. The chances for a Memphis squirrel to get rabies are slim, but the chances still exist. A squirrel bite will not get infected any easily. So, there is no need to panic in case of a Tennessee squirrel bite although it may still be a good idea to visit a doctor in such case. Squirrels do not need to be vaccinated against any disease. However, it would be worth remembering that usually squirrels are wild animals. In case people want to domesticate them, then surely a lot would change when it comes to vaccination. As for now, Tennessee squirrels do not carry rabies although there is a slight chance that they get it.

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